Central Florida ‘Reminiscin’

Riding along the par 4 fifth hole of the Harder Hall golf course in Sebring, FL (My hometown) I bring to my cousin Billy’s attention the majestic Sandhill Cranes standing regally along the cartpath.

“Check those out Bill, take a picture with your camera phone”.

“What? Them old things? They ain’t special, you know- they taste just like venison!”

With that he drives past the cranes like they are groupie spectators in our PGA gallery.

“Aren’t those a protected species? Can’t you get in a lot of trouble for shooting them?”

“Oh yeah, you bet! It’s a $500 fine!”

I never asked him how he knew that.

Unfortunately we got rained out for the rest of the round, but like I’ve said before, there is nothing like family, especially mine.

Speaking of Golf, I’m going to start my Monday off right and sneak out for a quick 9 holes.


5 Responses to Central Florida ‘Reminiscin’

  1. So Juancho, last few posts on cyling, I’m waiting for you to climb the clock tower. Now you seem to have turned to the darkside. You know, golf is just a good way to f*#k up a nice walk! Do they allow you to wear your Bassmaster 3000 shades on the course?

  2. You got it all wrong, golf keeps me out of the clock tower. It is a hate-laser diversion tool.

    The Bassmasters are accepted everywhere, people are afraid to ask if you are blind.