Clydesdale Hall of Fame

Through a surprising interpretation of the rules, the judges have inducted William “The Refrigerator” Perry as the next honoree to join the Big Ring Circus’ Clydesdale Hall of Fame.

It seems that, although “The Fridge” is actually known as a weak cyclist, the largest Superbowl ring ever made rests on the meaty digit of Mr. Perry. Well, a big man, known for not just a big ring, but the BIGGEST ring obviously deserves his place of honor alongside Tour de France rider Magnus “The Colossal Apostle” Backofthepackstedt, and Dan “Hoss Cartwright” Block.

When asked about his lifetime of cycling achievements, the Fridge had this to say…

“It is difficult to pick out one defining moment in my cycling career, but I would have to go with out-distancing Juancho and Sasquatch in a wheelie-riding contest in the Avon Park, FL Winn Dixie parking lot back in 1982.

It really hurts my feelings that Juancho, to this day, denies that I won.”

So, a begrudging congratulations to William “The Refrigerator” Perry, latest member of the Big Ring Circus’ Clydesdale Hall of Fame.

He lies!


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