6 Responses to Paging Dr. Munson

  1. Hey, I’ll go with ya, and like a good riding partner, I’ll ride real close and talk the whole time, loudly, as if I’m wearing earphones, and we’ll discuss cool things like work and rush limbaugh, and I’ll constantly say “slow up, I got a knock knock joke” and then I’ll rub your tires with mine, and then we’ll chat some more after we fall, and then I’ll want to stop for a snack break, and I’ll need to borrow your camelback straw cause I didn’t pack water, and then we’ll…, wait, I’m getting a cell phone call and I use the walkie-talkie cell that chirps every sentence…
    What fun!

  2. And ain’t it grand that I saw BOTH my spiritual advisor (and technical advisor), as well as my shrink today. I’m stressed but happy, and they (both INFJ men, BTW) say I’m A-ok: It’s the external world that’s messin’ with my mind.

    When you coming up to see your now-free auntienanny, juancho? My friend is into skiing and biking, and he could give you a run for your money on the C&O, nevermind that he’s 60 years old. But, hey, who’s counting years? I feel like I’m 40 again, and that’s a good thing.

  3. You’re thinking right, mi amigo. Even now, he’s readying himself to ski (both downhill and cross-country) “to the glory of God” (as Bach so dedicated his music)in Maine. You’ve been tagged. 😉