Big Moe

Not Big Moe your favorite doorman at the Copa, but big momentum.

I ride the forest often, and of those rides nearly 100% of them begin from the parking lot at 0 mph (0 kph for you Euros)and steadily climb to a pace that threatens to bend both time and space- something like 12.5 mph/20.12 kph.

Yesterday, compelled by a collection of inconsequential stressors I shot down the paved St. Marks Trail-intent on riding to the coast, into the water, and down to a deep, brackish sleep to bring to an end all concern for events both virtual and otherwise real. As I approached the turn-off for the Munson trailhead I chose life and tacked into the woods at something like 20mph (32.19 kph) with serendipitously correct tire pressure and a huge head of steam. I banked south onto the East Connector and didn’t slow down until I was somewhere past the Gun Range- miles down the trail.

The surfing naysayers curl their lip at the thought of being towed into a wave. They nay say that it lacks soul. I understand the Siren song though, because sometimes soul lacks speed.

I’m in the market for a four-wheeler.


3 Responses to Big Moe

  1. Juancho,
    It’s good that your hitting the ANF large. Now expand your dirt surf by riding across 319 and pick up the forest loop. In the box of FR 305 you will come across the Rainbow Gatherimg. Ride slow, say “Peace” and “Love on Ya!” to all the bare foot earth children.
    They will be there for another week.