It was a single track bonanza this weekend. I set myself free from the burden of self-reliance and left the Camelbak at home with all of the tools, water, compass, spare tubes, dental floss, nasal spray, extra contacts, flares, first aid kit, and wheel truing stand. I rode naked. Just a water bottle full of go-go juice and two thighs full of 93 octane. I have been riding the Dogboy’s spare 29’er for weeks and the Titus was headed for the dustbin of history. 26″ wheels? Can you believe people used to ride those? Que ridiculo!

That risk is over now. Two days of juking and jiving through the trees of Cadillac and raw aggression on Tom Brown Park with (against) my good buddy Mystery put the Titus right back on the podium. That bike should come with a warning label it is so fast.

Still, I’m going 29’er all the way at Felasco. I’m not a complete moron.


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