The Facts

Ice protruding from Camelback valve.

Backyard ice art.

Snow on the barn- Reddick, FL.

This guy already knows he is definitely not finishing the 50. He deeply and sorely regrets leaving his cold icy pallet on the tack room floor in Reddick, FL.

He was unnerved by the snow covering the ground in Central Florida. He anticipates there is nothing in those woods for him but certain death.

He is still gambling on the possibility that one of the other dudes will blink first. They don’t.

He doesn’t know that soon his pants will be full of ice water from his leaking Camelback. He certainly doesn’t realize that water will freeze to his butt.

Within 20 minutes of this picture being taken this guy’s feet will freeze into blocks of wood, his fingers will turn to frozen chicken wings.

He knows he doesn’t really want this very badly, he’s not really sure how he came to be here, in this field, on this dark and bitter morning.

He is absolutely certain that the day will not end well.

It only took him 15 miles to realize he could do something about it.

See you next year San Felasco!


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