Shush up, listen to the prana out there in the wind.

Rolling in the dark. Sitting still in the forest when everyone is home sitting at the dinner table or in front of the television-where I usually am by nightfall waiting to find out if that singer from Posion wears extensions. Not tonight though Bret, tonight it was all twinkling green spider eyes and crunchy pine cones the size of a larger than average pine cone. More like pineapple cones, that’s what they are.

The forest at night. The forest in general. So exactly what is needed.


8 Responses to listen

  1. That could be an actual picture of the sunset over the main Munson pond. Is it? (Sorry, Bill, since I’m sure that pond has a name I should know, like say, The Crystal Shallows, or Tiny Tarn)

    Damn, I love me some Munson. You just know lots of creatures are hiding out there, and the fox squirrel (who hides less than the rest) is king! (Sorry, again, Bill…I only meant the non-human king).

  2. do you hear the night hawks? at least that is what i think they’re called. only at dusk, the sound of their swooping bodies.

    is that thorn the placement of slippery straw?