The Prana

Prana is not the mind or the soul, but is rather the force or energy through which the soul manifests activity, and the mind manifests thought. It is the steam that runs the physical and mental machinery of life.

I stole away to Munson this afternoon to learn about the Prana.
Hambone met me at the trailhead- both of us somewhat frazzled from what feels like an accelerated life pace, as if when the arc of history bends towards justice the resulting parabola produces more friction, more power, more prana.

Wait. Maybe that is not the Prana at all. The Prana is thick in the forest apparently, I have that on good information. Does the Prana also exist in a cramped airplane seat by the shitter at 37,000 feet? Does the Prana exist equally in curious little boys and old and weary dogs?

All I know is it is thick in the forest.

Riding the last of the light down into the pine needles I was tempted to close my eyes and let the Prana take over. Propelled by a couple of yogi jockeys on my wheel I entered a transcendent state. I’m being serious here, which is hard after developing a carapace(hold on not carapace)instead let me say a bowsprit of cynicism because after all- I lead with it rather than lurk behind it.
As I said, I entered a transcendent state. Hands and feet humming, guttural breathing, absence of pain, hunger, or thirst. No longing. No what next.

The Prana (is that the Prana or what?)


14 Responses to The Prana

  1. Jaysus when did ya get yer own research team? It’s like you ate a dictionary and threw it tup onto yer blog.
    Leave yogi outta this …he’s my favorite bear!
    (sarcasm has replaced mutual admiration… please make note of this for future comments)

  2. Transcendent, my brilliant wordsmith nephew. I feel it too but didn’t know it had a name. This is a gift to your faraway but near auntienan. Thanks!

  3. Does the Prana also exist in a cramped airplane seat by the shitter at 37,000 feet?

    I’ve been stuck on this question all day. ;/

  4. Spoilsports say there’s a biochemical basis for religious experience and Harry Crews says being on the receiving end of an ass-kicking brings tremendous clarity. Call it prana if you wish, but my guru Usain Bolt tells me if that the wind was over 7 miles per hour it doesn’t go into the record books.

  5. As an expert in the field of prana and as one who just yesterday sat in a cramped airplane seat next the the shitter, I give it on authority of training and experience that indeed prana does exist in such conditions. It does however have a distinctly different smell that it would in the experience you describe in today’s post.