11 Responses to Merry Christmas from the BRC

  1. Merry Christmas, brother, with your new house and your limitless possibilities.

    You’re going to make getting old and waiting to die the new rage.

  2. Sandals?! You must live someplace warm.

    42 deg. and rainy here, and we’re all in fleece-lined sheepskin slippers.

    A safe and peaceful one, dude.

  3. True Story: Juancho, last night in my dream a jeep full of terrorists pulled up next to my brother-in-laws house where a group of us were gathered in the basement. At first it was like we were army commandos but then it morphed into a Tally Mtn. Bikers Meeting. The Terrorists opened fire. There were two casualties – you and Wrecking Ball. The other people at the meeting were either dazed or unimpressed by the tragedy and the police never came.

    Juancho, I know it’s been since 1992 since you actually attended a local IMBA meeting and I’m not one for believing that every discombobulated dream should be interpreted and reacted to. But… if there is a chapter meeting on your calendar this month you might consider, just to be safe, dredging up your usual absentee excuses. Please tell Brother Wrecking Ball to do the same as he is much more likely than you to attend.

    Peace and Joy, Happy New Year.