Revenge of the Herd

The cattle were lowing in the valley below
dark water was rising, they’d nowhere to go
On the wind did their song fly
of hardship and woe
but no ears did hear it
in the valley below

But the cattle weren’t fearful
The cattle weren’t weak
Together they swam
through the storms raging peak

One by one they did climb
back onto dry land
and set out for revenge
on the lazy cowhand

They found him sleeping
wrapped in his poncho
head swaddled in dreams
Came they creeping on hooves
wading up through the stream

He woke as a bull’s steamy breath
crossed his cheek
A herd set for murder
He dove for the creek

The ranch hand now gone
there was nothing to stop
the herd from marching
to finish the job

As the sun slowly rose
on the grand hacienda
The cattle were charging
in triumphant splendor

5 Responses to Revenge of the Herd

  1. HA!!! Love it. Justice served on avocado toast with a sprig of basil!!!

    I couldn’t get this tune out of my head as I read…

  2. Hahahahaha! What a metaphor!!!

    We live on a large cattle ranch. I have actually suggested a very similar scenario to the cowboy who runs the herd. He laughed and said, “aint gonna happen”. All the calves are out by now…cutest little doggies you’ve ever seen! They have no idea where they are headed as no cow ever comes back from *there*…..maybe that could be a metaphor too? 🙂

    What do you(reht) eat for your protein?

    hahahahaha. It’s a cosmic joke my brother!


  3. These cows aren’t really cows. They are metaphorical cows, and so they exist outside of the protein paradigm. I hadn’t considered if they were beef or dairy cows, just that they are sick of the hacienda’s shit in general, and it’s time to storm the castle.

    This comes from the commitment to “sit down and write the first line in your head” advice. Now see where that got us?

  4. Oh believe me I get the Metaphor!! I’m just pointing out that there is even a larger more important one a little deeper.

    Good stuff Jaunch!! Keep it up! Let’s go deep!