Bike Thief Take-Down

If you have ever had a bike stolen, you know that sick feeling when you realize your ride is not where you left it. When I was 12 my bike got stolen while we were on vacation. when I was 21 a friend hid my bike around the corner from where I was standing to teach me a lesson about not locking it up. My bike was found and returned back in 1982, damaged, but sound. It made me sick to think of some other kid riding it around, showing off my yellow mag wheels. The friend who hid my bike in 1991? I never forgave him. I hold a grudge to this day and I hope he rots in hell. We all lose so much in this life. There’s no room for simulated loss. What a jackass. I digress.

A reader out in California (Thanks SY!) shared a video of a bike theft in progress outside of his company, captured on a security camera. The theft itself is illustrative as it takes about two seconds for the thief to cut the lock and ride away. Too bad for him a quick-thinking young woman only needed one second to get out there and shut him down. Click the title to view the heroic save. With moves like hers she is likely to wind up in the BRC Clydesdale Hall of Fame.

Nice work!


2 Responses to Bike Thief Take-Down

  1. love it! Get some! I wish one of those dudes had held the guy; that gal had more balls than any of them!

    I stole a bike once in Italy, late at night ’cause I didn’t want to walk home. It was a woman’s commuter bike just leaning against the railing of her stoop. I rode the 2 miles home, got upstairs and in my bed.
    I then got right up, rode back to her railing and put it in place. I couldn’t be a thief. I could just see her walk out her door and into disappointment and anger. I didn’t want to contribute to the unraveling of any moral fabric. I was ashamed.

    My bike was stolen out of my house while I was in Italy a year later, the sweetest Kona ever built.

  2. That gal was ON IT!! 🙂 Some creep stole my Batavus and every time I see a yellowish bike, 25 years later, I still look to see if it’s mine. 🙁