Coming back on the Cadillac trail this morning I had to take things kind of slow due to the film of slime that accumulates all over my cockpit, which is a ridiculous word to describe the handlebars of a bicycle, but that’s how we do it I suppose.

Still, all slime aside I am glad to be back to a riding routine that allows me to ignore and postpone so many other pressing issues in life. The great heat wave of 2009 exposed the fragility of a lifestyle based on unfulfilled expectations, revenge fantasies, and a diet of candy corn ,hummus, and tuna pasta- or maybe it was just hot.

The Tour de France is on. I am pulling for the Schleck brothers to spoil LA’s shot at a comeback. Why must I be a hater? I guess I can never forgive him for that ride with George w. Bush at the ranch. We are all to be judged by the company we keep.

Last night at St. Marks, as some friends rocked Oye Como Va from a flatbed trailer and fireworks shot off over the river- I couldn’t help myself, I smiled and felt vaguely patriotic, like maybe things are going to work out okay for us all in the next couple years. If they don’t, I’ll just keep what I have got and keep working with that.

On and off the bike.


7 Responses to Rendering

  1. Is that two V’s or a W? I’m definitely down with the CVV. I hadn’t thought about a winner, just who I want to see lose.

  2. I love ignoring and postponing issues too. The bike is a good way to do that. The problem though can be accumulation resulting in being overwhelmed, at least for me.

    Mark Cavendish won today and I was happy about that. I don’t care about Lance either.

  3. I’m just so glad he’s back; otherwise it’s like following boxing without Tyson, or following golf without Federer, or following…wait, I got that wrong…oh, I remember why I like Lance: he dumped Cheryl Crow, yeah…wait…that’s not it…

    You’re right, his eyes are too close together anyway.