V- Let me guess your age & weight!

Actually, let’s not do that.

I once predicted that Hurricane Ivan would miss Pensacola, and John Kerry would win the presidency. When Ivan blasted into Pensacola I knew things were looking grim for old John-boy.

I made a series of poor prognostications last night as I went deeper and deeper in the poker hole, all the while mocking the weatherman for predicting a low of 21 degrees this morning. I ought to have put two and two together as I steadily shoveled change into the center of the table, because it was definitely 21, and some areas are reporting a low of 17. I distinctly, (well, it is a little fuzzy) remember proclaiming the Weather Channel to be a bunch of monkeys throwing darts as I assured my friends the low would not dip below 40 degrees.

But that won’t stop my irrational confidence in my ability to predict the future. So- Are you curious whether you will get that big raise? Wondering if he/she/ or shim likes you? Want to know if we will go to war with North Korea? Wondering if Justin Timberlake’s next single will climb to the top of the Billboard charts?

Forget Big Worm, just ask-


8 Responses to V- Let me guess your age & weight!

  1. And I know no one wants to hear this, but we’re stuck in permanent dry-as-a-bone summer here. I pray daily for cloud coverage and after being ignored for 6 straight months, today it was granted.

    Wise Juancho-will we ever get any rain to wash away the southern californian smugness?

  2. What happend to Autumn?-Fat Lad- In the new world order there is no time for four seasons, like phlogisten, Autumn has been discarded on the scrapheap of science. See- Al Gore for details.

    Wise Juancho-will we ever get any rain to wash away the southern californian smugness? -Only acid rain could hope to scour out the “bring your own bag to the grocery instead of throwing away 37 plastic bags” smugness of California. We are throwing away as many plastic bags as we can down here in the south, perhaps that will bring you some acid rain.

    all mighty juancho when will I be making a trip back to tally? January 17.

    And should I bring discs for golf or golf clubs? Both.

    what’s it all about


    ? -OB, It is very simple. Do No Harm, Ride Your Bike, and tolerate those who do neither as much as possible before going ballistic on their asses.