I’m with the Band-(Man!)

So I wandered the strip of Baton Rouge, searching for The Reign, even though I knew they were playing at a fraternity house. When I ran out of strip, I wandered further- following a string of clues associated with the Greek culture- broken glass, drunk and crying girls, Rebel flags, and the song “Josie’s on a vacation faraway” blaring on endless repeat.

The entire block of fraternity houses appeared to be engaged in civil strife, the area looked like a Union brawl was taking place down at the docks.

Then I heard the boys.

Prepared to drown my broken heart in keg beer and cover tunes, I entered the house unimpeded and witnessed a very ugly scene developing. the band was done, and they were arguing with a bunch of drunk frat-boys who were looking to fight, rather than pay for the soundtrack that had gotten them so wasted. There was a squaring off of forces. I joined my team for the ass-kicking we were likely to receive. It was a watershed moment for me.

I was with the band-man!

There were threats and some shoving, but we got out of there with a check, then we spent the night waiting to cash it in a parking lot somewhere, as far as I can remember.

The guys were truly compassionate about my failed mission with Jennifer, as I was to theirs. What kind of town spurns true love and disrespects rock-n-roll? We had to get out of there.

So we did.

18 years and a few bike rides later, Terry and I realized for the first time that we were in that car together, thumping along I-10. The Reign is long disbanded and Jennifer is probably a soccer mom in some charming coastal community.

Maybe I should look her up?


4 Responses to I’m with the Band-(Man!)

  1. That’s a cool story with an abbreviated ending, like when Harry Crews gets tired of his own tale and just ties it off on the closest post.

    So, Terry was a member of The REIGN, and you recently ran into him again on a bike ride, recognizing him over a span of 18, experience-drenched years?

    Why was he The Human Wrecking Ball?

  2. I love that about our little T-town community. This type of story gets repeated often around here. Our community is just large enough to keep us entertained, yet small enough that we don’t all become too anonymous. As for the Human Wrecking Ball, Let’s just say Jamis should go ahead and put our boy on the R&D payroll.

  3. Whatever s’quatch, ya ingrate. So I phoned it in, sue me! There’ worse company than HC I suppose.

    There has been a signed disclaimer from the Human Wrecking Ball on the wall at Joe’s for many years, accepting full responsibility for the continued destruction of Jamis products.

  4. What an honor! I have been around the world, got drunk with record company presidents, got stuck with tabs by very famous band dudes, been on late night talk show sets, never have I been prouder than I am right now! I want to go break some expensive bike gear!