Hard Road for Turtles

Around mile 759 of my 900 mile run I came up on the exit for San Felasco and the full and gravid moon filled the sky above it. It looked like you would ride over the moon to get to the trails. That seemed fine to me, as things should be even.

I will ride from the top of Malapert Mountain to the far end of Longomontanus Crater for all I care-that Moon ain’t so big.

Those turtles say the same thing while they stare across I-75. That ain’t so far. Those cars ain’t that fast. I’m going to do it. Seriously other turtle, I’m going for it– and then that turtle goes, out into the serious and the right now.

Sometimes they make it and sometimes they don’t.


3 Responses to Hard Road for Turtles

  1. a couple of big trucks decides their fate, does the turtle tuck in and wait for splat or does it giddyup and just loose a tail?