Feasting at the Barbed Wire Buffet

Jill Homer, a blogworld sister from Juneau, AK, finished the Tour Divide mtb race from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, NM last night. Something like 2800 miles of mostly solo pedaling. Can you imagine walking out the door to go for a ride and being gone for 24 days? I mean, I have had some rides where the Wrecking Ball tormented me so the ride felt like it was three weeks long, but it was actually about 2 or 3 hours.

You can check out more about the race, and find Jill’s “call in” updates here. The pain and isolation is at times so apparent it is hard to listen to, but she never quit- and so today us bloggers are proud to raise one of our own on our shoulders.

Congratulations Jill Homer, you did a hell of a thing.


5 Responses to Feasting at the Barbed Wire Buffet

  1. Poor HWB.

    I followed this race religiously and can’t believe how into it I got. That was one crazy distance and unimaginable feat.

    *Cheers* (raising Pepsi can) to Jill!

  2. Did you by chance notice that we had a Tallahassee local in the race? Rick Ashton did it this year, but I it looks like he had to call it quits in Salt Lake City with knee problems.

  3. No! I wish I had known. While we are on the subject of locals, I read about TT1 having a van fire in the RAAM. Pretty scary stuff. They need the Worm back.