Everything in Moderation, except Extremism-

This Summer, moderation doesn’t seem to be getting the job done for me.

It’s extremism or nothing for me, all the way. From dropping cold beers to throwing tantrums, my motto is full speed ahead. In fact, I think the adage “Everything in Moderation” is an obsequious attempt to turn the volume down on your life.

Fuck it, let your freak flag fly. If anyone has a problem with it, believe me, they will let you know. How you respond is entirely up to you.

Irrational exuberance is the order of the day around here. High peaks and low valleys included. 100% pure life, uncut.

My contempt-guided missile system is locked on and we have elevated the alert status to DEFCON 2, so proceed with caution. Primary targets:

  • Those who abuse the word “should”,
  • Those who assume their life is the gold standard of normal and approach the world as such.

Sanctimony is their flag. Piety is their badge.

Please catalog me with such extremists as: Nat Turner, Elvis Presley, Jimmy Carter, Stetson Kennedy, Tupac Shakur, Howard Finster, Greg Graffin, Rosa Parks, Woody Guthrie, that kid in Tianamen Square, those farmers in France who tore down a McDonalds, all those Ralph Nader voters whose hearts were in the right place even though they screwed us, the kid who will finally say “enough is enough” and quit wearing those stupid baggy jeans, Eli Wiesel, King Love (r.i.p), Moses, Moses Malone, Chuck D, GM, My Dad for beating cancer, Joe at the bike shop, and my Mom for doing it her way.

(Happy Birthday Mom!)

“Moderation is the key” but what does it unlock?

Sometimes you have to go eyes rolled back in the head crazy to get important things done.


5 Responses to Everything in Moderation, except Extremism-

  1. I hope typos don’t get you going like “should” does!! 😉 Hey. I just talked to Efram and he’ll find a chica mexicana for you when you come! Does she have to ride trails? I forgot to mention that qualification. I just said “mujer.” esposa,” –words like that! 🙂

    I’d sgn this but I can’t figure it out. Websites I can do, but blogging identities seem beyond me. Maybe for a birthday present you can set me up??