The Return of the Return of the One What Came Before

Go ahead, call it a comeback.

48 days into my new regimen, oops I mean regiment-damn-it! I mean regime which began with 15 days of whooping cough and then converted into 33 days of ennui that rivals listening to Frank Zappa pretend to play the guitar or watching David Blaine continue to not do whatever he may not be doing at the time; I am defiantly getting faster.

Out in the 2:00 P:M heat yesterday (92)I blistered the Redbug and surrounding Northside trails in a solo celebration of mountain bike wizardry.

No cursing, no wheezing, no getting off to push. Just the rattle and chatter of my 3.5 cylinder engine chitty chitty bang banging through the woods.

I might celebrate and buy some new grips.

I have three days until I lock myself in the Mississippi delivery vehicle and begin a daring performance of kool-aid pickle evasion, thunderstorm navigation, and cheap hotel bed hibernation.

Who is riding where?

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10 Responses to The Return of the Return of the One What Came Before

  1. Ergon?

    The destination will be Cortland on Saturday, via hwy 77. Sunday might be a jaunt to Crete. 🙂 Well, you asked.