Coffee Thoughts with Juancho

Just a few things I would like to clear up:

When people write, “First and foremost” followed by what they want to be “first and foremost” that is redundant. The same applies for “I would like to thank…” If you would like to thank someone just go ahead and do it. Nobody is trying to stop you.

Yesterday I saw a fox while golfing. If you are one of those folks who wonders why anyone would play golf, the answer is; to occasionally see foxes.

If you know of anything I must see or do in Northeastern Mississippi the time to tell me is now.

Paying the Gym and attending the Gym have as much in common as space exploration and looking for a sock under the bed.

People who write clever lists on the internet do not buy stocks online.

If pain is weakness leaving the body, then what is pleasure?

The best time to play hooky and go for a ride is right this very minute.


5 Responses to Coffee Thoughts with Juancho

  1. First and foremost, I would like to thank you for making this clever list.
    What is pleasure? Seeing a Fox on the Fern Trail whilst playing hooky.
    Please say Hey to your cousins in Mississippi from your readerships.

  2. Irregardless of the aforementioned previous post, I would like to note that there are gyms in NE Mississippi that likewise will welcome payment without attendance.

  3. We know you’re going to Mississippi so we’ll need your payment before you can put the sponsor stickers on the mudtrack car.

    Accountant, SoMoBroCoChA