Simple Numbers

On Saturday, five riders set out to ride a long, long way- like fifty miles.

1 rider got some cramps, which left 4 riders as the temperature increased.

1 rider was “on-call” for the heart surgery team, and he is expecting a baby any minute, so away he went as the miles unrolled.

1 rider missed some turns and ended up home, as the water ran out.

1 rider got a flat, watched another rider change it, then watched that tube
(ole Patchy) go flat again, then called for back-up, which left;

1 rider to finish it off the way it began, and creep slowly up the street to his house 5 hours later.

That rider was me.

15 Responses to Simple Numbers

  1. I am stoked for you man. All b.s. aside. I can tell you are on a mission. I dig it. I am trying to hang on to what I got. It’s not as good a feeling.
    I think the ascent, is cooler than the plateau.
    Stay the coarse. The forces of evil will rise up to dissuade you!

  2. Were those other riders actually real? Or is this some new fantasy role-playing game of yours?

    No matter. You are your own competition.

  3. Ah…leaders lead. That is what you do. We are all, riders and bloggers, merely standing in the shadow of the one and only true Juancho!

  4. Every dog has his …. oh, what the hell, congrats to the winner of Survivor — east Tally mt. bike edition. And
    thanks to Bushy for the kashi bar and he accelgel. They mometarily took my mind off my suffering.

  5. Have you ever considered riding with stronger, less career minded, longer lasting, less intellectual people able to ride technical single track, with tubes?
    Write a number on a piece of paper.
    Too bad Cupcake wasn’t there he’d have made it.
    Actually get him to write a number too, we never have enough pastry on our rides!

  6. This is great. Too bad I am so uncomfortable with praise.

    What’s W.B. saying about our crew? We don’t need numbers on paper. We’re gonna jump you from the bushes somewhere now.

  7. Just bring Cupcake, the chocolate covered barn pony. He’s so handsome!

    After Silk’s wisecrack about the Jets and the Sharks, I had visions of our crews breaking into choreographed song and dance, right there in the woods, lycra and all. That oughta give the equestrians something to talk about.

  8. Wow, WB, that’s the first time anybody called me intellectual or career minded. Thanks! Me go clime corprit ladder now.