…When they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

That’s when I will quit riding. What is it with you people? Just fell off the turnip truck? Got no faith in the Juancho? The last post was just a little festive Christmas fool’s joke. Some time out of the saddle is good for you now and then. Besides, I believe in a well-balanced lifestyle. It can’t just be about me stomping S’quatch and the boys on the trail every day can it? What about literature? What about cooking great pots of soup? What about wine? Come on, I’m no automaton, I’m no supplement sipping, calorie-counting performance junkie. Anyone can do that and ride well. It takes a Renaissance man to do it my way.

I’ll show you people. I’m going for a ride right now. Anyone else coming?

I didn’t think so-


Seriously, I’m just about to go…

3 Responses to …When they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

  1. Sorry, but I had a date to patrol the paint on the hardcourt today. I was so short on one jumpshot that it bounced off the 6-5 defender’s head and into the basket. I’m not too proud to include it my shooting stats.

    I don’t get the part where you stomping Sasquatch and the boys doesn’t count as literature.

  2. Oh, nicely put, Hitops. Juancho writes a mean collection of short stories, and any niche will a victory make.

    He’s been known to make a full-scale victory out of getting his bike out of the truck first, and he shreds the field when it comes to finding a cozy place to stop.

    Then there’s his signature victory — being the first to realize a ride’s NOT ABOUT being first.