It’s all over folks, now go home!

I haven’t pedaled a stroke in 10 days. I have thought long and not very deeply about this, and there is only one conclusion that makes any sense to me…

“Cycling” has fallen horribly out of fashion. I mean it. Riding a bicycle for fun and pleasure is about as cool as a Rubik’s Cube now. It has become the Spice Girls, feathered roach clips, and a Cabbage Patch Doll all in one.

I wouldn’t be caught dead on a bike anymore. Those of you still “into” “riding” are just fashion victims soaking up the overstock merchandise- the acid-washed jeans as it were.

I, being more on the cusp of what’s hot and what’s not, will be moving on to the next big thing…as soon as I find out what it is.

I can’t believe I hung around this long, how embarrassing.


too cool for school

10 Responses to It’s all over folks, now go home!

  1. Lance? What do I care about Lance? I was a Backstedt supporter if you need to check the archives, and besides, they are road bikers. Road bikes went out with the hula hoop.

    fair weather? It’s 45 and sunny here, waaaay too nasty for a bikeride. Brrr…

  2. That’s the beauty of riding steel, I guess. You can always pound it into a plowshare, if you can abide the metaphor of your bicycle as a sword. Assuming you’re ready to take up farming.

    Anyway, we’ll get started on our wintertime rains pretty soon. All that pesky sunshine will give way to 48 degree mud.