I titled the last post “Beast it” because I intended to write about the movie Beasts of the Southern Wild. Every few years a movie comes along that I get excited about and I transfer everything I am feeling or experiencing into my viewing experience and make the movie be the movie I need at just the right time. I’m predictable. I fall for all of the indie darlings. Once, Half-Nelson, Little Miss Sunshine, at the time they came out they spoke to both the times we were living in (they call it the zeitgeist, but that is such an overdone word, devoid of flavor) and they also speak to my own states of being- heartbreak, redemption, disillusionment, idealism, hope. You know, the same exact shit that all of you feel that you assume is unique to you too. It is unique to each of us, and of course it is all the same.

“Beasts” came through for me tremendously. I came away from it with one clear message- self-determination, the opportunity to write our own story, is our greatest treasure and our biggest responsibility. You don’t have to explain it to anyone, or justify your actions, or even understand the urges that compel you to not get that CVS card (but it saves you money!) or to grow your armpit hair out (gross!) or to go to church or not go to church, you just have to bend to the little tiny voice that whispers to you, cajoling you beyond the levee, beyond the easy answers, where the beasts await you to tame them.


5 Responses to Aurochs

  1. I think you would enjoy it Lopo, and undoubtedly see things about it that I miss. Definitely a “wait for video” scenario.

    That’s good Magnum, let ’em run.

    MM- The protagonist’s name is Hushpuppy and she is a wild and brave 6 year-old. That’s enough of a reason to get Hank to take you to the movies.