I need to correct an oversight.

Last Saturday I rode with Mystery (the Un-tameable Stallion.) In a 3.5 hour cross-town epic we dueled it out in Match Play format. I’m talking about bare-knuckle, unchecked aggression. We reached into that ride’s chest, pulled out its beating heart, and showed it to it before it expired. 30+ miles of pain cave riding on road, trail, field, parking lot, and industrial wasteland. We hit single track, long-forgotten seams and easements, deep sand, and the fringe corners of the 1%’ers domain. Yeah, I pushed him a up a hill towards the end, but he wasn’t asking for charity, I just gave it of my own free will.

I don’t know how to make it happen on command, and that’s good. If I could buy that high at will I would be in the alley behind Chik-Fil-A shooting it up all day.

There are rides, and then there are rides, and that- brothers and sisters, was a ride.


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