A Fitting End

Powered up on the corn I worked on my saddle height and angle late into the night. San Felasco is still two months away which means I have an outside chance of getting my saddle adjusted back to “slight discomforting” before the big event.

I can say with confidence that saddle adjustment is an art, not a science, and there are many theories on how to get the job done. Most make as much sense as Intelligent Design- measure your inseam by 1.09, hang a plum bob off your knee, put your foot down, pick your foot up, shake it all about, and whatnot. There are just too many intangibles to consider for anyone to claim true knowledge. Of course, if you think you know- please do share.

I am only really sure of one thing, this needs to meet these guys.


9 Responses to A Fitting End

  1. juancho, are you going cyclocross on us? or is that roadie graphic meant to throw us off your game? you’ll stop at nothing to keep an edge…

  2. It’s not static set-and-forget. Your comfortable seat position changes with your body’s uh, changes. More or less flexibilty during a given period, injury, recovery, shoe choice, etc.

    Look at Merckx. Messing with his seat in the middle of races.

    Find what works today and run it.

  3. I’m really betting that the banana seat will return. For long rides, it’ll be perfect, and for training, you can haul a friend around.