The Cotillion

It is with the grandest fanfare and elegance that I introduce to polite society our most recent graduate of ROBOT ARMY ACADEMY, Mr. C “Chuck” Carberera. Dancing his first solo performance on Munson and Twilight to the Thin Lizzy standard, The Boys are Back in Town.

This was not a bad performance I must say for the three time mountain bike rider. By that I mean this was literally his third time on a mountain bike. Prior to these three outings, Mr. Carberera can’t recall the last specific moment he rode a bicycle- and yet the boy has good instincts.

The Circus Cotillion also welcomed Joey Bushyhead back to the trails. He pronounced the new trail modifications as “epic” and he seems to be coming back into strong form for the summer season.

Like the Azaleas, the ROBOT ARMY is blooming.


One Response to The Cotillion

  1. I spotted Joey B, actually inside a bike shop yesterday! Joes, of course. He was accompanied by another of your droids, The Torso. As soon as I left I checked my bike for missing parts. These scavenger drones are insidious, and I’m sure that they had a hand in the mass disrepair of my cycle fleet!