You hear it out there, purring steadily.

The forest Zamboni is cruising the trails, packing down the pine needle cover that recently mimicked a 1970’s era pornographic cinema artist’s genitalia on my last visit. Smoothing out the wrinkled corner responsible for my recent goring by chainring, the forestZamboni kneads sand and clay together into one battle-ready surface. The Munson Lupine is growing tall and strong, leaning into the path of the singletrack so we can ride for miles high-fiving nature at speeds greater than 10 mph at times.

Some soft patch of earth will be drying out by morning, waiting for my ass to come sit on it and relax- one last ride before the descent to South Florida Babylon (and more Santos) on Sunday.

Have a good weekend. Don’t forget to vote early for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. If you plan otherwise, don’t let the blog door hit you where the dog should have bit you.

See you in the forest tomorrow between 8:30 and ?


7 Responses to Glass

  1. Juanco…the Munson Lupine is really Blazing Star or Gay Feather (Liatris spp.)…hope you are enjoying your trip. JPB

  2. By Sunday afternoon, Twilight bore the marks of a thundering herd. Were your tracks in the mix, Juancho? Still rode pretty well. That’s a trail for cool weather, fer sure.