The problem with organizing things is that things get so organized.  There is little room left in the conversation for individuation and free will.  Once the move is made to get organized, God help the outliers.  The nature of any compromise is for everyone to sacrifice a little something for the greater good, and the volunteers line up down the block to take on the burden of suggesting what you might wish to sacrifice.  The result of a good organized effort is the lowest common denominator multiplied by the exponent of the shrillest among us, divided by those with the most free time. 

Don’t believe me?  Check my logarithm-

I am glad so many people are interested in trails and biking, except when I am riding of course, because then there they are- riding their bike on the trail at the same time as me, which threatens my status as a unique dewdrop on a precious lily. 

There’s nothing wrong with being in a club, I just don’t want to belong to one that would have me.


2 Responses to Groucho

  1. I’m fervently prejudiced against folks with free time; their easy smile and relaxed trapezius muscles singles them out for my disdain.

    We should organize against the organized.