A little camper on the road to heaven, that’s what we got.  Just a little spot to rest our heads where the world can’t find us and wi-fi signal stands for why fight it?

We will accessorize it with our new little dog, Summer (Chanel.) In her little t-shirt that reads, “I’d rather be barking” she will ride on the dashboard and sniff out the way.  

A guy can’t spend the next four decades like he did the last two, rolled up in a tarp drunk by the fire.  That’s no way to earn the title “Elder Statesman.” 

This summer I have thrown out the old Juancho playbook. Someone else will have to tote the turpentine and barbed wire.  I’m retired from that game.


14 Responses to Play-Mor

  1. Nice find Juancho. Two questions, What year is it and will the Astro Van be pulling it?

  2. Hey now!!

    Montana by way of the Front Range and Utah???

    Just askin’


    I really like the *new* Jauncho

  3. Cape San Blas Baby!

    Sleeping in air conditioned comfort sans the no see ums or mosquitoes takes most of the epic out of a Cape trip and leaves all the fun. Increases it even.

    Rule #432: Marriage leads to luxury camping. It’s a new chapter filled with fine food and sound sleep.