Monday Funday

You all know you love the internet and chicken, I don’t know why you won’t admit it. That is between y’all and your makers though, and not my business.

Here is a picture of the famous Oak Mountain chicken, which is found in the Rock Garden section of the Oak Mountain State Park mountain bike trail in Pelham, AL. Tallahassee really needs to get its act together in the spontaneous art representation aspect of the local trail systems. All we have are signs that say, essentially, “This is a trail.” Boring and short-sighted. More art in the woods please.

I pulled up at the Rock Garden for just a moment to acknowledge those friends and riders out there who are suffering, on and off the bike. Good thoughts manifested on sacred dirt carry more impact so things should start looking better for many of you. Don’t thank me, I am happy to do it.

We stayed in a motel so close to the interstate that you had to cross two lanes to get to the breakfast buffet, and that’s just the way we like it. Thin walls and a high bedbug count make us feel all warm and cozy.

I think it is time for me to face facts and figure out what to do about a new ride. It might be time to sell the Titus. If you have ridden a 29’er and then gone back to a 26″ wheeled bike, please weigh in, but I suspect there are a tiny and insignificant number of people in that ridiculous club. Who doesn’t like to go faster with less effort? That is all I am saying.

I’m going to blog my way out of this,


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  1. “Gone back to” as in occasionally ridden a full suspension because certain trails demand it, sure. “Gone back to” as in that’s my only ride? It is to laugh.

    26″ is played out, Holmes. Unless you are short and fit the small wheelbase or need a bigger hit bike.

    Wait, wait…650b is the new hotness. It is not a boondoggle, or the bike industry desperately trying to jumpstart the next big bandwagon. Your choice is clear.

  2. Rev- let’s prioritize.

    Are you injured? WB posted carnage attributed to you, but you seem fine to me.

    I eschewed power straps, bio-pace, seat-post shocks, and sissy saddles (with the taint relieving hole.)

    I got on board late with:

    anything but thumb shifters, bar ends, front -suspension, rear -suspension, triple chain rings, and disc brakes.

    Some of those turned out to be all right. I’m thinking big wheels are a stayer.

    650b can suck it for at least 3 more years.

  3. “If you have ridden a 29’er and then gone back to a 26″ wheeled bike, please weigh in….”

    Funny you should ask. I have whittled my fleet down to two bikes: a ti hardtail 29er@26lbs with 1 bottle and seatbag and a plush 5″ FS 26er @ 29lbs with 1 bottle and seatbag.Both bikes have good components and are tuned properly. I ride the 29er almost exclusively. We had some rain this Sat which made for perfect conditions on a local fav trail.This trail features a long easy climb, a short steep climb, some fun switches, some rocky sections and a very fun 3 mile downhill back to the car.A little bit of everything but very flowy overall.My pal was jonesing to race the final 3 miles so we both chose our FS26ers…His idea being that the 26er turns better and the FS would smooth the chop in the rocky sections. We did this ride last Thursday but I rode the 29er. The difference up was substantial in IMO, the difference down(on this trail) is slight and maybe nothing if I’m on my game like last week. Yesterday our whole group was pretty aggressive. The FS did help a few times and was faster in the rocks and the tight turning stuff at the bottom. It was fun to jump it though, much more secure on the landings. But I gotta tell you Jauncho, after it was done I had a little voice in the back of my head saying “you should have ridin’ the 29er”.

    I’ll keep the FS26er for Moab but I love my 29er.A really light 3-4″ 29er would be the best for me I think but now we are talking some serious $mola$.

  4. I am in recovery mode. I kid myself I act real smooth.

    If you are 6′ or over you should be riding the bigger wheels. Your center of gravity will be lowered on account of the (required) longer wheel base. Pretty much all players have the geometry wired nowadays, and the bikes are tight as can be…but there is a difference you can feel viz. being “in” the bike vs. “on top of it”.

    Bigger wheels are better in all situations save extremely tight twisty singletrack and big hits.

    650b can suck it forever, unless you’re trying to rehab a road frame for better clearance and more versatility.

  5. You guys have confirmed my suspicions. Maybe I can still keep the Titus for singletrack, big hit, fun days- aka breaking my collarbone.

  6. I’ve been into 29ers here for a while, but rented some very nice 26ers on vacation. Better than not riding for sure, but I just dropped my Pivot 429 in the mail to my next vacation destination so I wouldn’t have to put up with something less than perfect.

    Just sayin’

  7. Mad3line (5 months ago | reply)
    I didn’t know what kind of car it was, but I wasn’t suggesting it was a Cadillac. This was taken on a portion of trail in Tallahassee, Florida, called the Cadillac Trail. The trail is characterized by being littered with old cars.