Round up

I rode this weekend. I rode about 300 yards.

Mainly though, I got my two-wheeled fix down at Joes’ Bike Shop ( Joe had to attend a wedding this weekend, which means he loaded up the family in the Dazed and Confused van, washed and ironed his dress shorts which are the pair what has the zipper that stays up, and away he went to Tampa. I thought Pete/Huck Shins could use a hand dealing with the general public so I put on a dirty t-shirt and headed down to Lake Ella, finest retention pond south of the Mason-Dixon.

I’m just ordinary as far as mechanicking goes, but when it comes to selling bikes and talking to crazy people, my blood gets going and I was in a selling mood.

Imagine my surprise to see Ed Miller wrenching around back there. Ed is Joe’s Alumni 1991-1998, or something like that. If Joe’s had a softball team, the bench would run way deep. Nearly every mechanic who ever worked there, pitches in on a Saturday for old time’s sake. When was the last time you revisited an old employer to work for free, you know, because it was so much fun?

All day long it was punk rock, cheeseburgers, and “remember whens”.

For the record, that Ed sure does have the phone skills, just nice as pie all the time.

Great times, and I sold a bike.

I watched some road racing yesterday, Milan-San Remo, and as I clicked onto the race a rider was lying in the road, out cold or dead, does anyone know if he survived?

And Pete just called with car trouble, so I’m out of here…

what did you do over the weekend?


8 Responses to Round up

  1. I saw Willie Nelson at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. Great place to see a show. Then on Saturday I celebrated wee Daniel’s first birthday. Decorations, the wife made a cake, grandma in town, funny hats-you get the picture. Then I relaxed with a beer and some basketball. All-in-all a great weekend.

  2. Organized a birthday party for 5 friends with March birthdays on Friday. Rode 50 miles out to the country and back on Saturday. The rest is top secret.

  3. Wow Doc D, happy birthday to the lad, and Willie!

    You win.

    And Ma’am, if it’s so top secret, why you bringing it up?

    you probably sorted socks and consolidated old tubes of toothpaste.

  4. Joined a group helping a friend clear grapevines around his sinkhole Saturday, then attended a 50th BD party in the ‘hood. Cruised the flea market with Li’l Hitops Sunday,then rode Munson; it’ll recover from the “thinning,” but it could use a good gullywasher. And watched a lot of college hoops while wearing my Gator national title T-shirt (a gift; you think I’d buy one?).

  5. Took my wife and kids and met parents-in-law in Cordele, Ga for two nights of high living at the Best Western Colonial Inn. Rode the SAMS Shortline excursion ( train on Friday from Cordele to Plains and back for a slice of Americana. Fried chicken and catfish lunch buffet at the Windsor Hotel in Americus, Ga., ample doses of Jimmy Carter and peanut ice cream in Plains, 25 cent popcorn on the train. Hit the Flint River Aquarium in Albany on the way back.
    Not the usual spring break fare but we all had a great time.

  6. Did you seriously see JC?

    Wow, two of my all time heroes, Willie and Jimmy, show up today.

    The Circus talent is really cranking things up a notch.