A General Update

Happy Birthday Joe!

Saturday night we celebrated Joe’s 50th birthday, and while he may be in shock, I think it is best to just put the number out there so we can all get used to it. He’s fit. He’s lean. He’s the best friend and bike shop anyone could want. The get-together was a classic Tallahassee yard party with delicious food and a cheery fire, bright young children playing sweetly and toasting marshmallows, CSNY playing throughout the house. Just good people living well. ~

Mel (not his real name) has foresaken his “back to Africa” plan to return to Tally and has instead moved to the Westchester area of NY and purchased a Titus Racer X. Congratulations on the new life!~

Film Crew needed- Seriously, if I have to watch Pete do anymore world class stunts for an audience of 2 or 3 I am going to lose it. I don’t know how to explain what was going on out there yesterday, but as the saying goes, “Dude- you should have been there.”

Thanks for the feedback on my Dream ride list- Stay tuned as I knock them off one by one over the next 10 years. Frankly I am surprised that there were not more hare-brained schemes lurking out there, but whatever, good judgement isn’t a bad thing.

Sasquatch-For your negativity I nominate you “Torreya Ride Liason”, now go make it happen.

Yesterday’s ride- I shrugged them off one by one- like Dwayne Wade through the backcourt. I ground them into dust. I sent them all home with bloody noses and notes pinned to their shirts. I was last man standing.

What? You got something to say?

The ever incorrigible,


6 Responses to A General Update

  1. Ground into dust? Bloody noses? I wasn’t there at the end, but that wasn’t the ride I was on. You seemed more like the Dwayne Wade in the commercial–the guy who gives away a car, basketballs, and goal to the needy before pedaling off into the sunset (with his seat set too low). But it may have been different at Tom Brown after I turned right and headed home on the Fern.

  2. A double monster loop is to ride from town, out Fern, Caddy, Alford, Road from the Lake (watch out for Dogs), hunt club land, dirt roads, Wacissa, Aucilla singletrack, St. Marks, Timber Company Land, St Marks Land Bridge, hunt club, double track up to Southwood Pubbies, and roll into town. It will be butal, but it is basically the aforementioned Bike Church ride, only you have to ride to and from it. It’s always on my mind, I just haven’t gotten there yet.

  3. Shut it HiTops! The whole point is at the end of the ride I was the only one there!

    I guess that is true for everyone though isn’t it?

    I outlasted all of you snot-nosed brats.

    SSjimbo- that loop just sounds sick dude, why don’t we just make it Tally-Perry-Blounstown loop and call it a day?

  4. snotneus is actually a dutch word that we knicked from some of the original european settlers way back in the 17th century. you speak dutch to juancho…what a man…what a mind.