Palako Tranquilo

Man, what beautiful weather we are having these days. The air is soft and quiet, the sun shines, and all the little plants that got torched in the freeze are making another go of it. In principle, I do not subscribe to the “everything happens for a reason” school of thought, much less the “silver lining behind every cloud” contingent. I can’t get on board with that at all. I am more aligned with the “Things fall apart” school of thought- the “rust never sleeps” crowd.


Tearing a hole in my leg at the gym has been kind of good for me. Something needed to slow me down. I do good when I’m on a schedule. Although I resist and complain, always willing to abandon common sense in favor of late nights and great conversation, I am a “Wapner 4:30” kind of guy. Routine calms me.

Fearful of the MRSA virus which no doubt lurks in that septic tank of a gym I became nervous about the redness and swelling surging away from the laceration. Now my tetanus shot is up to date (whatever that is) and I’ve got some bacteria hunting drugs. I usually let my body scrap it out with all invaders, but this is the gym we are talking about. Those places are filthy. Besides, the real benefit to the drugs is that it puts me on lockdown. No drinking allowed. That means no late nights, empty calories, or squandered loot.

All I have to do is stare out the window and wait.


6 Responses to Palako Tranquilo

  1. Enforced sobriety and patience. Here’s my secret wound-healing concoction: Squirt a nice bit of antibiotic ointment into your palm. Add in golden seal powder. Mix it up with your finger and add enough so that it’s just still goopy. Apply to wound. I swear, it’s a miracle. Works on chicken heads and gun shot wounds.

  2. Squatch says put gunpowder on it. He is a doctor you know.

    C- I got my bike. Leg looking a little better. Back to original size anyway. Ride probability- 51%.

  3. This is excellent, up here in the frozen north we are have a revisitation of double digit below zero and I refuse to look out the window so having this outlet to stare at is perfect. I may sit here until the weather breaks sometime in April.

    Oh, sorry about the leg but I am disappointed that you only got bacteria hunting drugs; what happened to the hallucinogens they used to give you for injuries?

  4. Call me if there’s a ride. I’m gonna hafta cut thru a cable lock with a lost key, but if you’re rolling wounded, it’s the least I can do.