Those Thursday night boys are a pack of coyotes, out to steal thunder and glances in the woods. Thirty wild miles of scrubby terrain and where the hell am I? What a magnificent ride on such a magnificent evening. I finished carrying a peanut butter sandwich in my jersey pocket with one bite taken out of it, and I was lucky to get that bite down my gullet. I flatted about 2 hours in, when the sun was almost gone. Aside from one other mechanical earlier in the ride, that would be about all of the stopping available. Coyotes run, they don’t stand around.

The moon rose over us long before we finished and it was huge and amber and it dripped all over the trees, but we had no time for lunar voyeurism, and no time for Jupiter and Mars either. It was all “face!” and “log!” and lay back those shoulder blades and tuck in those knees.

Spring is here, calendar be damned, and if last night is the early benchmark things are going to get scary fast this summer. I rode blind for missing my goggles, and I suppose that slowed me down. Without depth perception I am a two-dimensional man riding into a two-dimensional frame. I just queued up on Dogboy’s wheel and put my trust in the lord.


6 Responses to Predation

  1. I thought you rolled well, Juan’
    It’s good to just let the fast go.
    Aside from a couple of down hills I was in my middle ring pretending I was a 2 stroke Stihl chainsaw motor.

  2. Thanks B, I felt great. I didn’t even count those two mutants. If that wasn’t “fast” then it was fast enough for now.

  3. Hmmmmmm. I had one of those rides Thursday afternoon. Superman legs, flow state gravity throttle on the downs. My best riding buddy ever did not talk to me all the way home.I felt a tiny bit bad but REALLY good at the same time.


    Wild dogs, domestic dogs….dogs…a bunch of dogs we are…..