I’m in Miami…

…but I am not l-ing my f-ing a off. I am just working, and I’m not there yet. I’m sitting on the couch in Tallahassee lamenting the fact that under no circumstances will I be able to look like anything other than a middle-aged social worker when I hit the streets of South Biatch. We went to Thomasville, GA over the weekend and passed the afternoon at Sweetgrass Dairy
as though we were in Paris, France in the 1930’s. Cava and cheeseboards and loosely tucked shirts- a diorama of elegance in repose.

But now it is all scramble and brushing teeth, a tiny plane, and not enough middle fingers to go around when I get on the streets of Dade County.


3 Responses to I’m in Miami…

  1. Oh, no. Poor you. Just pretend that you can’t understand English – and hopefully you’ve got your guayabera with you.