Yoga is not a Cult

– but it should be. If you don’t do yoga then you must hate your body. There is really no other reasonable justification. I just need to get that off my chest.

Man oh man, what a spectacular weekend we are enjoying here in the Big Bend area of Florida. I was out there. I want to be counted among the ones who were out there. High 70’s and a light freshness to the breeze. Know that I have been places and seen people. Places I have not been to in some time and people I have not seen in quite a while either.

I visited with almost the entire BikeChain Borg down at the Cyclocross races. That cyclocross stuff is confusing. It looked like people queuing up at COSTCO, or maybe a bunch of bike commuters late for work. I just don’t get it. All that plastic tape is so displeasing to the eye.

Big grey fox squirrels, Dogboy with a cut the size of a coin slot in his chin his blood is green, a prehistoric palm grove far from town, and my own knees pumping those pedals all weekend long.

That’s what I saw this weekend.


10 Responses to Yoga is not a Cult

  1. After seeing you in in your new healthy body, I have decided to go on a three month wheat germ drip to try and drop some lb’s. I want to be super sexy too!
    Dangit the whole cycling world is going crazy! Juancho is skinny, Mackeral is riding, Big Jim isn’t riding….up is down.

  2. It was definitely good to see you out there, J. Now, about this palm forest. might this be the one south of town, in Willkillya County?

  3. Yes, it isn’t really a secret. I just hadn’t been there in a few years. I need to learn those forest roads better. There is a lot of riding to do out there.

  4. I probably saw you but didn’t recognize you; were you in Bushy’s backyard throwing Frisbee with the mutt at all? That’s all I can count as “out there this weekend” so if you rode through, sorry I didn’t wave.

  5. Tommy took all the fun out if it for me when he said I would be scurrying home to put it on my blog. It was a good bit of defensive maneuvering on his part. Still, I was the first one to the truck, and that was after I went and looked for you guys twice. Spin it however you need to though brother.

    So, stitches?

  6. 5 very small ones. I sure get my money out of health insurance.
    Very nice maneuver by Mr. Torso. I’ll be looking for a rematch when I’m not bleeding.