No More Excuses

So what is it going to be? Will Juancho survive the 50? Place your bets now. he is currently offering 3 to 1 against. I’ve been fiddling with my drivetrain trying to facilitate a “Miracle Mechanical” that will get me out of this predicament, but Pete is just too damn good a mechanic. Everything seems to be working just fine.

-Cross your fingers…

7 Responses to No More Excuses

  1. Fingers are crossed and wishes/prayers/good thoughts/positive karma/etc. are on the way. Upon your return we do expect a rambling bit of prose to describe the adventure. We have missed your daily bit of wit.

  2. Unless the game is called on account of darkness, you’re a shoo-in. You’ll suffer through the first 30 but regroup at the lunch canteen. As the afternoon soon creeps lower in the sky, you’ll ask rhetorically, “What’s another 20?” Once you’re back on the trail,
    you won’t bail.

    The bigger question is whether Sasquatch’s 29er will again leave tire tracks on your back. I say stay on his wheel and then make your move.

    I expect a full report.

  3. Word on the street is that you were at Bed,Bath and Beyond, when we were finishing the deathmarch. Please, say it isn’t so!