15 Responses to Separated at Birth?

  1. And that’s First Presbyterian Church in the background. I took my wife to our first date there. She claims that it wasn’t a date but look at us now. One baby and another on the way.

    By the way, this represents a dating loophole that I discovered. A woman cannot refuse you if you ask to come to church with her. She had already shot me down for separate dinner, lunch and movie invitations but she couldn’t say no to churchin me up. Lord knows I needed some churchin in those days.

    By the way Juancho, love the soul patch. Lookin good.

    Dr. D

  2. So let’s recap:
    popular dating spot, dressed similarly, well groomed soul patches, vague roles…

    yep, they’re a couple, good luck to ’em, it seemed to take for Dr.D and that missus of his is no pushover (except for that “churhin” scam he pulled)

  3. A woman CAN refuse you if you ask her to come to church with you.
    I know quite a few who would.
    Glad it worked you for you, though, anonymous.

  4. where in the world is the squatch. if you see him or hear from him let him know his buddy bushy is lookin for some road miles….

  5. This is worm’s wife…WTF…I have been sleeping with the WRONG guy all these years! Haha! Great pic fellas!!!