C.O.R.E. Meeting: Attendance Mandatory

C.O.R.E = Cut Out Real Early.

Go ahead, get the hell out of there. You know nobody is going to miss you if you say you have “some family thing” to take care of, or you need to “drop the car by the shop”. You can probably flat out tell them, “I’ve had enough of this place and you people for the week and I’m out of here.” It’s Friday, and the weekend lies before you like a cruise ship buffet (which is huge and multi-colored) Go ahead. Eat it up.

Remember when you were 10 years old and every Saturday was as exciting as Christmas? I want you all to have that kind of a weekend, not a get some stuff done around the house weekend. Not a catch up on some work now that the office is quiet kind of weekend. I mean the kind of weekend where every meal is an event. The kind of weekend where you go out for a ride (or whatever you non-riders enjoy) and you achieve a full vacation mindset inside of three hours without leaving town and the surrounding area.

Cruise the Record Shop, or whatever they call them now. Dig up something from back in the day that will transport you to the days when you were overwhelmed with possibilities and sat around with your people going Man, we’ve got so many possibilities! It might be Dinosaur Jr. Doc Watson, Parliament, 11th Dream Day, The Silos, Otis Redding, or the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, but you go find it, you put it in the stereo (or whatever people play music on now) and you crank it up and rip the knob off.

Women- make love to your men. Men-make love to your women. Those otherwise inclined- you make love to whomever loves you back. This weekend there will be no moping, no fretting, no grouching. Smile at the grocery store.

Most importantly, get your asses out of work as early as possible, CORE Meeting is mandatory and if you miss it you will be written up for subordination. The Big Ring Circus hereby declares this a 2 1/2 day weekend.

The clock is ticking…tick….tick…tick..tick

And wherever you are, raise a pint to us here in Tallahassee and we will do the same for you.


5 Responses to C.O.R.E. Meeting: Attendance Mandatory

  1. Juancho, who are you gonna make love to?

    I’m gonna make love to Pdro, my sweet, sexy road bike; ride him long and hard over the rolling hills of rural minnesota.

    Then I’m going to clean him up and change his tires so he’s all ready for Hell Week.

  2. here, here to a 2.5 day weekend. consider the pint raised from the old continent. sarajevsko toceno pivo!

    have fun boys and girls….and give juancho a little whoopin will ya!?