Clydesdale Hall of Fame

After so much stirring testimony, the board of directors here at the BigRingCircus have no choice but to induct the first inanimate object into the Clydesdale Hall of Fame. For its giant contribution to cycling history and its incredible comfort and range of motion, the yellow banana seat joins the ranks of such luminaries as Magnus Backstedt, Rosa Parks, and John Goodman.

Red Sparkly is going to have to settle for an honorable mention.

I enjoyed my first therapeutic ride yesterday with the help of Tommy Torso and his sidekick Annabella (5 yrs. old). I am lucky enough to have recorded my second loss to a parent/child team and I anticipate at least one more when Dogboy’s little girl is old enough to hang onto the bars of the trailer bike.

In other news, SLOW is officially the new FAST so please make a note of this change before your next ride.

Thanks for the great remembrances yesterday, I hope to compile them, get rich, and leave you all in the dust someday.


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