Back of the Bus

I may be wrong, but it seems my new feature, “Great Enemies of Moderation” is causing some of my pro-moderation allies great concern for my health and well-being. I am touched, truly touched.

They need not worry.

I am just drawn to the bad kids. I always have been. It’s not about the self-destruction, although that is a sadly common side effect of the rebellious spirit. I like to challenge traditional values and mores, not because I disagree, but because it disgusts me, absolutely disgusts me, to see them go unchallenged. If you take the moral high ground and prevail, good for you, but if you climb up on that log, be sure you have what it takes to stay, because I’m coming after you.

One person’s common sense is another person’s cowardice.

We are all balancing our risks against potential rewards.

Juancho- Thug 4 Life

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