Steady Eddie

Allow me this moment please, of candid disclosure, to give credit where credit is due. While S’quatch has been lumbering around squawking about God and Country, walking pneumonia, and his desire to throw both of his pollen-covered, rusty-cabled bikes out of a helicopter I have been mewling about a bump on my knee. Throughout this difficult period in the Circus history a regular force has been steadily applying pressure to an otherwise spurting wound.


On both road and mountain, he has continued without us, offering the rebuffed invite again and again patiently waiting for us to change our soiled diapers and get back in the saddle.

And now he can kick our asses.

For now.

Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years!


2 Responses to Steady Eddie

  1. Thanks, J-Man. Riding with folks who are older or coming off knee injuries or pneumonia is great for the ego.

    The Converse logo inspires me. Who’s up for a road/trail/ bball triathlon? How about for your birthday this coming weekend, Juancho? I’ll match up with Sasquatch even though he’s taller and, uh, bulkier.