Cheaha 2010

Look what has sneaked right up on us, the Cheaha 2010 camping trip! Thursday morning we roll out for the Helen, GA area for a long weekend of chopping wood. A few weeks ago I was a straight up zero, but somehow I pulled it together and I’m rolling out a hero. That’s right, I’m ready to ride.

I’m doing this trip on the wagon, which to put it mildly, is not the norm. I have done it once before, but we’re talking twenty years of camping here. I’m excited for it. I will be up with the dawn and exploring long before my cohorts stagger towards the ibuprofen bottle and coffee pot. I will go to bed hours earlier and miss the campfire debates on: Gun Control, Columbus Day, Fantasy Football, the politics of 2020, organic elitism, dietary hegemony, and the exact measured depth of a twelve foot well.

I have an inflatable mattress, a copy of Infinite Jest, and the will to lay on one and stare confusedly at the other for as long as it takes, or until Sunday.


9 Responses to Cheaha 2010

  1. Cheaha 2010 will be one we miss this time. BabyGirl’s school camping trip sometimes overlaps with Cheaha and this is one of those years.

    Convincing her that gruel and stinky old men is more fun than all of her friends at the beach is not possible, nor should it ever be.

    Have fun; I’ll miss it. But I’m taking my surfboard on her camping trip, and the bike!