El Tajadero

Yesterday on the trail I pulled a tick the size of a small dog- (I think it’s a Pomeranian) off of myself. The poison ivy is flourishing and thick. The recent windstorm ripped the Live Oak Connector into a mess, and that trail is always a mess anyway. It was hot too, muggy I should say.

How do I know all of this? Easy! I rode my bike.

Not very far, not very fast, but hard and with conviction and this my friends is extremely disappointing to my friend Sasquatch, who seems to think mountain biking was a passing fad. The Rubik’s Cube of last summer. The My Little Pony of last fall. Are we now supposed to move on and take up pole dancing? I hear that is the hottest thing going for the exercise-minded.

Not me ladies and gentleman. I am scrubbing down the elephants, sobering up the clowns, and whitewashing the big top in preparation for the Geatest Show on Dirt.

I’m just not sure where we will open the season this year.

Any ideas?


5 Responses to El Tajadero

  1. [shatner]

    I think my trails are a little too far away for a dirt jaunt.

  2. FL- you must be riding a lot considering your cheeky attitude!

    Sasch- Find me a bike, I’ll be there in a few weeks. Of course, a beer is fine too.