Le Tour

It’s old news by now, but I’m catching up- dirty, dirty, dirty- pro cycling is dirtier than S’quatch’s chamois. Everyone fast is on the juice, just like here in Tallahassee. All these supposed “A” riders? Juiced. Obviously. As hard as I work, no honest man should be able to beat me. Magnus Backstedt is finally going to have his day. I feel a stage victory in his future.

Our own Magnum put his scooter down last night and received 38 stitches in his face for his troubles. Gamely, he still made it to the pool party and managed to eat and drink whatever.

Big Worm must be back in town, but I have no proof. BW? Please report in at BRC headquarters, or call me at the Ringmaster’s office. Things are falling apart around here, let’s get this blog back on the road OK?

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OK then, I’ll be back when I remember how this is supposed to work.


2 Responses to Le Tour

  1. One Grande Worm, present and accounted for, El Presidente! I made it back from RAAM only slightly worse for the wear. After a week or so of post traumatic stress disorder, and catching up on some much missed sleep, I am actually back on my bike.

  2. A big empty hole has been refilled in my life. Welcome home. Now spill some RAAM dirt. Somebody has to put this blog on the map.

    deadline: Noon tomorrow.