7 Responses to Happy Easter

  1. I think it might be time for some good, old fashioned, BRC cycling goals. Everyone knows we REALLY ride hardest in the summer, no matter how hot is is, because the woods are green and the sinkholes are full and the high quality fuel like watermelon and boiled peanuts are plentiful.

    I need you to declare some outrageous cycling goals, not just so you can immediately set out to discredit and wriggle out of them, but so I too, can momentarily set my sights on something other than making a giant-size mobile of my various bikes, hanging by ropes from the branches of the large tree in my backyard (my latest bike-hating fantasy). I imagine a hurricane comes and they all clang together out there in a cacophonous and carbon shattering splendor.

    Come on, Juancho, bust out some crazy goals — weight loss, distance, speed, bumpiness — any category of cycling achievement will do. O.K., well, not bumpiness, but anything else. Give a brother a psychic boost.

  2. A cycling boost? A CYCLING BOOST? OK, here’s a starter goal for you S’quatch. Ride to my house. Either bike will do. Shit, I’ll even drive you home.