Bill’s Army

Bill’s Robot Army is everywhere. The man can’t find a moment’s peace. He tried to slip away for a pleasant 10th Ave gang ride experience only to be stalked and caught by one of the Bike Church Killer Robot Disciples- model one-Zattack. Once the robot found his leader, it was straight to the front for some killer robot pacemaking. Must destroy Juancho. Must destroy Juancho. Must de-you get the idea.

Science is not a toy Bill. There are consequences for interfering with nature.

On to other topics- I’m out of here for a tour de Georgia this week. I doubt if I will be able to update very often, but I have a lot to share with you so I’ll try.

When I’m not working, look for me at: Fort Yargo State Park, Dauset, Oconee Heritage Trail, and other Athens, GA area highlights such as dining at The Grit, or making the scene at the 40 Watt Club where I’m practically two handshakes away from being a VIP, so there.

I hit the ground yesterday. THUMP! And today I feel a little creaky and sore. Everything works, but I think a day in the car is about all I can manage as it is. Just me and the following support soundtrack: American Idiot (still #1 with a bullet) Dead Prez (a rap group, not a vocation) Atmosphere (Minnesota rap- Yo Minneapolis!) Bad Religion 80-85, and perhaps some Iron and Wine if the sky is grey and I want to get moody. I mean moodier of course.

I still have not followed the 1,2,3 directions for posting links so here are some my regular stops that you might enjoy, or not. Novice blogger, politico, seljak ranting. Everyone here knows Sascha I believe. Fat Lad-the happiest man in Yorkshire. Muppets! If you find him offensive, don’t blame me. I think he’s hilarious. Jill in Alaska, rides to hell and back, but not lately. probably the wrong url, but maybe she will show up and correct me, sorry OB. for honest reporting on world events. PSYCHE!
www.juanchoistotallyawesome!.com (Stll in development).

All right, enough of this. Get to work, wish me luck on the road and have a nice week everyone.

And my Mom wins the first orignial BRC artwork contest, which is moot since there is no original BRC art, but I guess I’ll get on that now. I’m thinking popsicle stick and yarn “God’s Eyes”.

Flustered, achin’, and out of here-


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