Language Rant

Do I like it when people ask themselves a question then provide the answer like this? No I do not.

Do I think it makes the questioner seem arrogant and smug? Yes I do.

Does it suggest the questioner is so smart tha they know what questions people want answered? Yes it does.

Does it prohibit actual dialogue? Yes it does.

I hear this going on everywhere and I am certain that it is further evidence of the dumbing down of America and our reluctance to communicate effectively.

Do I think that you care? Probably not.


10 Responses to Language Rant

  1. Atually I was talking about many public figures. My rant is fixated on the spoken interview, in which the interviewee attempts to answer the questions they want asked, rather than the questions proposed. I do think this is a trend/fad in public speaking right now. I aim to nip it in the bud.

  2. Do you want me to present my comment in the form of a question? Obviously.

    Am I the coolest dude ever?
    Well, I propose this is not a necessary question as I am also the most humble dude ever.

    Is this about me?
    Let’s not over-think your question too much.

  3. I think it works well when the speaker asks himself an extraordinarily tough question that the interviewer and public would like answered but wouldn’t normally ask.

    Have I ever had sex with that woman? No! Do I count oral sex as actual sex? No!

  4. I agree with your last comment, Juancho. All in favor, none opposed.

    I didn’t realize your readership had grown to the point you can nip offensive celebrity practices in the bud. Am I impressed? . . .

  5. Are you impressed? Yes you are.

    My concern is that if you don’t call it out then it masquerades as dialogue, and will eventually replace it.

    Is that presposterous? No it is not.

    Now that I have brought it to your attention, watch for it and see. It’s rampant.

  6. Is it now more prevalent or is it now overly noticed because you have brought it to our attention?
    I think both.

    Lawyers are at fault however, when they start dialogue with questions like “when did you stop having sex with your aid?” forcing poor politicians to rephrase.