The Funny

I went to the Doctor last night, for a two week check-up. The afternoon sun was crashing onshore through the longleaf pines as I pootled along behind the lorrie-like train of Pain Cave Tommy and his daughter, Pain Cave Jr. Just in case I felt bad I wanted a riding partner who could coax me along, but what do you know? I felt great. Rested might be the word.

Meanwhile, my friend in New York Mel (not his real name) sits bored in the cold and snowy hills of Westchester county gnashing his teeth and mashing re-dial over and over leaving me messages like this, while sipping Jameson’s.

“Come on monkey, pick up the phone and entertain me monkey! Click. Ring. Pick up the phone and dance stupid monkey, dance!”

Spring is around the corner, but it might be too late for some people.


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