Root Hog or Die

It is the eleventh hour of this moving project. If you think you work hard for a living, and I ain’t saying you don’t, get a job where you get right down on your hands and knees then tell me about your pain.

I may not have been on a real bike ride for two months, but if exhaustion counts for anything I am in fine fettle. Scraping, painting, troweling, grouting, toting, dragging, crawling- the new verbs in my life.

Surprisingly, Thanksgiving weekend is a difficult time to get free help from your friends. Everybody is distracted by food, football, and family. Don’t they know I only have the tile saw for 24 hours! Thankful? Yes, I am thankful that my brother spent years in what we call “the trades.”

You see, now I am one of them. One of you. I have just blogged about home renovation.

The outlaw era is over. Pass the Mandals.


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